video card trouble

am having troubl with my video card under Windows98. It works good under 2000 and XP but for some reason not in 98.
The program was written in Delphi and this is what is going on:

I have a number of panels with openGL on them, controled by both the user and the program. These components are messed up and drawing on the same panel under 98. that is 5 drawings on top of eachother on 1 panel.

This does not happen on other operating systems or with other cards. Please help.

Make sure that you are using the CS_OWNDC class style for your window.



With that out of the way, you do not mention what vid cards, drivers, system specs and so on, and even if you did, YANAFP!.

At the risk of sounding ignorant, what is YANAFP?

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Ahh… that makes sense. It is also YACP. (Yet Another Cross Post) as this post was put in both the beginners and advanced boards.


Thanks for the info. I am using panels to draw on and not windows. Can this still work? I’ve been searching the web but all the examples I find are for creating windows.

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PFO. I had my reasons for cross post and posting here in particular. The biggest reason was more exposure.

I am not familiar with Delphi. Are panels just dialogs? If so, yes you can get it to work. Windows 98 is real picky about that CS_OWNDC. Sounds like they are all sharing the same DC which is what this flag will fix. You still will want to use only 1 or 2 OpenGL contexts and share them.

A panel is a container put on a form (or window) and I think it has many of the same properties of windows so I’ll give it a try thanks

This solution worked great for everything else which was pretty much working already. But when I ran it on the computer in question I got an AV. I’m looking into it, but at least I have some frame of reference and an actual error to work from

Thanks again

I ran into a problem when I switched to this flag that I had to move my create GL context to a little later in the creation cycle so that the DC was created. Your problem may be similar.

I’ve got it all staightened out now. I was messing up when I was creating the handle for the component. With that fix and the CS_OWNDC it works great.

Thanks JWeaver