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What is the best high-end video card? The card must of course run under linux and I need something that is flies with textures. Money is not much of an object as I’m currently looking at the ELSA Gloria III. Anyone have any favorites?


If cost is not an issue then the Wildcat frome 3Dlabs is a good bet.
I may be hard to find this since they do not seem to sell them as standalone cards but only as part of workstations you may have some luck geting a uesed one but still expet to pay $2000 or more

Or the Oxygen model frome the same company may be easer to find.


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i dont think the wildcat works in linux, or the oxygen. i have played with the firegl 1 and its comming along nicely so the firegl 2 or 3 may be what your looking for. its not an appliance yet, i actually had to go through a little effort to get it working and hardware gamma correction does not work (yet, theyre looking into that) but i know from its use in NT that its a solid card that did not cut corners or leave out things like the overlay plane (the gloria III has that problem, seems to be common to all nvidia chips)

Ah, the may be true I forgot to check that out, pixel fairy is right there are no drivers for the oxygen or wildcat yet but 3dlabs sayes that thay are working on it.
sorry I should have checked that out first


Thanks guys… looks like price was a little more important then I was led to believe. Getting the Elsa Synergy III and probably the Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra.

BE WARNED: Those high-end graphics boards you mentioned are for 3D MODELLING! That means real-time updating of WIREFRAME MODELS!
They are NOT used for texturing. The best boards for moving texture-mapped stuff around the screen are the nVidia offerings.

In a recent net magazine test, I read that running Q3A at 1600x1200x32, max detail, the FireGL ran at 10FPS! and the GeForce2 Ultra ran at about 30fps! I am not certain on these figures, but they do sum up the difference in targeting.

However, in moving a 1 bazillion (or something) polygon model around the screen, the FireGL was about 60fps, and the GeForce2 about 10!

Note: Do NOT quote me on these figures! They are from memory only. They may not be accurate, but I am pretty certain that the differences in performance are. But still, I am not responsible for what you do. Do some reading (check the archives at

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