video card or monitor problems?

Going back to my last post, I’m trying to figure out if my video card is doing it or my monitor.There are strange dots and colors on my display.Only-when I use my geforce2mx200’s accellerator.For example,when I start a game that requires my adaptor.Up till that point everything else is fine.Help!!!Aopen ak-73 with kt-133 chipset and onboard sound.Duron 900 with 128mb ram.20g ata 100 maxtor 7200 rpm.

False colored pixel >can< be caused by too much heat or by overclocking.

Do you overclock your card?

If yes: Stop doing it.
If no : Check if the fan on the heatsink is still doing its job.

If that all dosnt work you may try to >underclock< your card (read running it at an lower clockspeed than the default) to see if that helps.