vgDrawImage leaving a rect around image?

I am drawing a VGImage using vgDrawImage,after a scale and translate transformations.
Now at some scale levels there is a filled area left besides the image, which is approx fills the area representing the difference in the original and scaled version of the image.
Any hint why this is happening?
Thanks in advance.

Also to mention the problem I see is like this:
The original image size is w:200, h:200 and after transformations it gets scaled to w:100, h:100. So the image gets drawn properly from 0,0 to 100,100, but there is a text color patch from 100,0 to 200,200 & one from 0,100 to 200,200. How to get rid of this patch? What am I doing wrong which makes this patch appear?

Is there any relation between the vgSetColor and vgDrawImage? As the patch am seeing is of the color which is set by calling vgSetColor before the vgDrawImage is done.

Don’t think this should ever be happening - sounds like a bug somewhere (maybe in the driver). Try adding a small rotation (0.001 degrees type thing) and see if the problem goes away.