very weird problem with ADC examples on Snow Leopard 16,1

I’m newbie programming using OpenCL library. I started with the ADC examples to create my own example to understand alll the steps of the library and be able to create my own kernels and add another OpenCL thread in my master project. Today saturday re-try the ADC examples but it doesn’t work (Matrix-transpose and Noise reduction), i obtained the message of Error: Failed to load compute program from file!

I don’t unerstand where is the problem, in my mac or if the OpenCL have changed.

I only want a simple example with a loop, general variables, input and outputs in the kernel to add this example in my master project.

If someone could help.

Thanks Jorge.

With the commandline demos , which run in an terminal , you must first change the directory to the folder of that demo !
Without that, the command line app cant find any file , no kernel file, no others (some needs also pictures / data).
So start the terminal in such an case.
cd DRAG&DROP folder of teh demo into the terminal ENTER so set the working directory to that demo folder
drag&Drop the demo into the terminal ENTER to start the demo

The other demos, which are bundled .apps didnt need that, simple click them . They dont need the terminal and have all they need within their bundle.

That doesn’t sound like an OpenCL error but rather a program error. Try doing a find on the project to locate the printf that is generating that error string, then put a breakpoint on it in gdb. You should then be able to figure out how you got there. My guess is that the previous poster is correct in that the path to the .cl file it is loading is not correct relative to your working directory.