Very urgent question about alpha and lighting

Hi there!

Hope you can help me and somebody of you have had this problem before.
here some pics:

Picture 1:
This is what it should look like… the clouds are transparent.
Picture 2: This is what it looks like seen from some angles - you can see through the planet (although it has a alpha value of 1.0!!!)
Picture 3:
So, sometimes it looks like this!

Have you encountered such problem before?

I can provide you with further information if you want!



I’m trying to figure out transparencies myself,
Picture 3 looks like you might have a problem with the mesh (model) it could be the normals are not correct, or the mesh is corrupted
sorry i cant help any more than that

I think I fixed that with CULLING or so

now it works great


Uggg… seen this problem several times when i was a beginner.

It has to do with the depth buffer and its acurricy, which is a ratio of near and far of the perspective. Try setting Near to 1 or 0.5, and far as close as possible, this will help.

Culling is just a way to get around it, i’m not saying it doesn’t work, i’m saying you’ll run into more problems later in the program.