Very unsure about basic animation :S

Hey guys,

New member here. Not even sure if this question belongs in an OpenGL forum but I’d appreciate it if anyone can
guide me along the right path. I need to create an animation that does the following:

  • a ball that moves in a horizontal “back and forth” pathway at a constant velocity
  • a slider that controls basic movements of the ball: pause, slow down, speed up, go back, go forward

Please help me out and thank you so much in advance!

Sounds like a Lakehead University homework assignment? If not, my apologies. If it is, please read the forum rules and remember that Profs visit our forums regularly.

I do attend Lakehead but this is completely unrelated to any assignment. I’m a Psych student and this is related to a personal project I’m doing with a friend :S

Is there any reason why you wish to do this in OpenGL. It would probably easier with GDI+ and a windows slider control

Ah ok. I’m not familiar with GDI+ but I’ll check it out. Would using Flash CS5 be easier as well?

I don’t know much about Flash but you should be able to do what you want with it.