vertexarrays and strips

Is there a point in using triangle/quad strips when using vertex arrays?

If I do I cant draw my hole scene in one gldrawelements. (right?)

Strips are generally faster than raw polygons. And the point in using glDrawElements is not to draw the whole scene in one call, but rather to draw as much as possible in one call.

Then if I have a grid like surface is it better to draw it row by row with gldrawelements and strips then the hole thing with gldrawelements and gl_triangles

If you have a simple grid, you can draw the whole grid in one triangle/quad strip. Take a piece of paper and a pencil and try to figure it out how .

But anyways, in that case, it might not be much difference, but I would guess a bunch of strips would be faster.

have a play around with the opengl benchmark program on my site (url in profile)