Vertex Weights, for what vertex?


I am currently implementing skinning in my collada importer.

When creating the vertex data when parsing the geometric collation <polygon> for example, you are given a list of vertex indices to which the vertex samentics( position, normals, ect ) apply to. However, with when parsing <VertexWeights> , I dont see any information reguarding to what vertex a joints influence applies too. <VCount> is equal to the “total amount” of vertices which for a cube would be 8. But technicly, there can be more than 8, these “vertex groups” seem to share the same position, but have differing normals, or other samentics that differ.

So my question is, how do I know what vertices, in total, to apply a joints influence to.

I appreciate it,

If that cube had more vertices - le’t’s say 14 after a subdivision - you’d simply manage those 14 in the respective <skin> section.

<skin source="#mesh">
    <vertex_weights count="14">
        <input semantic="JOINT" source="#Joints"/>
        <input semantic="WEIGHT" source="#Weights"/>
        <v> </v>

There are 2-Tuples in the section, so for a given vertex n (zero-based)

(sum from i=0 to i=n-1(vcount[i])) * 2

yields the start index for the n-th vertex influences.