vertex shaders

Are there other ways to implement vertex shaders beside the vertex program extension and Cg?

Yes, there are two possible ways:

  1. use directX
  2. do it yourself on the cpu…

Thanks AdrianD!

:slight_smile: Vertex Shaders with opengl on nvidia cards.

Are vp or Cg then the only way?

These provide similar functionality,

EXT_vertex_shader ( ATI, possibly others )
NV_vertex_program ( NV, 3Dlabs, others ? )
ARB_vertex_program ( most will likely have this )

@PH: Are those possible on nvidia cards?

ARB_vertex_program is the one to wait for. It will be supported by all the major companies ( those that have the hardware capable of supporting it ).

It’s a pretty new extension so it’s not available in any public drivers yet.