Vertex shader without fragment shader

Does anybody know if I can create a shader program that links only to a vertex shader, without having to specify a fragment program? I know that this can be done with a vertex program (assembly) but I have failed to do that with GLSL (the fragment color becomes black)

All I want is to add some vertex noise and use the fixed opengl pixel pipeline for the shading of the fragment. Is there an equivalent to the gl_Position=ftransform() for the fragment???

Any help would be appreciated

You can write GLSL program without fragment shader. It’s working nicely (tested on a Geforce 3).

On ATI, it’s another problem, there is few bugs when doing that.

you can do that perfectly, but you must remember to write the varying variables that will be used in the next fixed process (gl_TexCoord[], gl_Color, etc)

ok, thanks alot guys

As far as I know only NVIDIA has officially supported vertex shaders on GF3/4 range of cards meaning that ATI has no plan to implement such thing on pre R300 hardware.
But then again I’ve been wrong in the past and will be in the future :smiley:

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