Vertex Set Object

I was wondering if it wouldn’t be interesting to have some sort of Vertex Buffer objects, created the same way as texture objects, with glGenVertexBuffer and glSendVertices (same functionnality as glTexImage) to store a batch of vertices in video memory (or AGP for that matter) and reference later on with a glBindVertexBuffer. All the next glArrayElements and such would reference the current vertex buffer. Any comments? I would find it cleaner and easier to use than nVidia’s Vertex Array Range extension.

I agree that it would be cleaner and easier to use.

But I think you would be limited to mostly static data, because setting the contents of such a buffer might be costly.

In the end, I think it would be much like a display list.


AFAIK the ARB is working on a vertex object-like extension (i think it’s mentioned in the latest ARB meeting notes, from what, may?). but, as everything with the ARB, it seem to be progressing slowly. ****, we don’t even know IF it is progressing at all or has been abandonded for some reason, since it appears as if they have stopped releasing the god damn notes from their meetings.