Vertex Question

Hi there,

I have a series of vertices that aren’t ordered, is there an algorithm that will sort them into a list, calculating which vertices should connected, allowing me to create a surface.

Thanks Rohan

That should be part of model definition. If you try to do the same thing by hand (in 2-d, for the shake of argument), you end up with multiple possible solutions, all of them valid. How would you know which one to choose?

You need some extra bit of information there, just the vertices won’t do. For instance, if you know the surface you’re after, that helps. Or may be a set of rules that the surface should satisfy.

Potentially, this could be a minimization problem as well.

So there, a vague answer to a vague question


The algorthm is called Convex Hull, try a Computational Geometry website or book.

Thanks guys, i have found some good tutorials about Convex Hull.