vertex programs

are vertex programs implemented completely in hardware on geforce3? like the chipset directly executes the bytecode of the vertex program?

what about geforce2, is it emulated in software with mmx,sse,sse2,3dnow and stuff?

AFAIK Vertex programs are executed in pure hardware on Geforce 3. As for Geforce 2, and 1 I believe it’s emulated using the cpu.

Nutty’s right. Vertex programs are executed directly in hardware for GeForce3 and emulated on the CPU for GeForce2. The vertex program language is pretty simple - (and optimizable) so emulated vertex programs may wind up being faster than C/C++ code performing the same operations.


thanks, that’s exactly what i thought.
i would think that even emulated vertex program would be hell of a lot faster than equivalent C/C++ assuming the driver aggresively takes advantage of mmx,sse2,3dnow…