Vertex program Tutorials

I am looking for some vertex programs and pixelshaders tutorial, pls better for ATI :slight_smile:

  1. For the vertex program, the (last?) “ARB_vertex_program” is supported on the both video card (NVIDIA and ATI). So just take a look m.html

  2. Next, just take a look on this or

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Thank you very much, that is just what I need…

I heard Cg Toolkit is for both ATI and nVidia, can I use it for Radeon 9500?
Is it fully compatible?


Cg is a highlevel language which compiles on target-videocard on which you are running your app - the Cg-compiler compiles your Cg code down to hardware-specific code, which could be in your case ARB_v_p code, or DX HLSL code -> so: yes, you can use it on your AR9500 and yes, it is that what you call “fully compatible”.

Just this from

Was Cg designed for NVIDIA chips only?

No. Cg was designed to simplify graphics programming, regardless of the hardware that it runs on. Cg allows graphics chip manufacturers to easily and effectively expose the capabilities of their hardware by writing their own Cg compilers. These manufacturers have a unique understanding of their products, and are therefore the most capable compiler writers for their particular hardware. Programs compiled with Cg run today on DirectX 8-compatible hardware, and on any other vendor’s implementation of OpenGL, if it supports the NV_vertex_program extension (ARB_vertex_program support is coming soon, since it was only recently approved by the ARB).

istn’t that a (more general) part of the same thing that i have told ???

(P.S.: but yes, mine was more technically; that’s right)

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Thank you both, now I can start my project…