Vertex Program on Geforce2

Hi, I am trying to use Vertex Programs on nVidia’s GeForce2, but every time I use glEnable( GL_VERTEX_PROGRAM_NV) I get and Access Violation error on NVOPENGL.DLL.
I am currently using Creative GeForce2 GTS, with Detonator 10.80 drivers for Win95 in Visual C++ 5.0. Has anyone ever encountered this before? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry I can’t give you any suggestions but
I am successfuly using nv_vertex_program with 10.40 win2k drivers on my GF2MX.
I havn’t encountered any problems with my code or with demos from nvidia sdk.


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it crashes often, yes… for example when the program itselfs ( the vp ) is wrong written or you forgot something in etc… it could be that it crashes when you enable and then render something without setting a standartprogram… no one knows… they arent official yet

perhaps try 1050 or like the other one 1040…

You may try to enable the NV20Emulate option (in registry).
You can use geforcetweak to do that.

Oh, I found out what’s the problem. Apparently there are mistakes in my vertex program, but once corrected, the NV_vertex_program extension works fine.
Thanks everyone!

Nvidia as a debugger for shaders. It really helps!