Vertex + Pixel Shaders on other cards than a Geforce\Radeon?

Is their a way to emulate Pixel\Vertex shaders on other cards than A Geforce or Radeon? I mean some software emulator which would allow me to play arround with these extensions on my old Rage128.

Thanx in advance, XBTC!

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you could try d3d. though they’re all in software. be warned though on my vanta, which is quite a bit more powerful than a rage128 even a simple quad using pixel shaders runs at less than 1 fps.

Thanx for replying…
Seems I need to buy a new card!

Greets, XBTC!

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I did some looking around on the web, and it seems that most newer cards will support pixel shading (even the S3 savage). However, it seems everyone but nVidia are going for software emulation of the vertex shaders. Unfortunately, Microsoft does the vertex shader emulation for the card companies (with help from smart guys from AMD and Intel) but each vendor is responsible for emulating them in GL drivers. My guess is that GL drivers won’t have the appropriate extensions unless they’re from nVidia :frowning:

Speaking of which, did you notice how ATI dilutes the Radeon name by dropping HT&L from the Radeon VE and (horror!) the Mobility Radeon? No longer can you say “I require Radeon or GeForce” if you make HT&L a requirement.

Thanx again for your answers!

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