Vertex normals

Hello, I am trying to use the triceratops obj model. I had just finished handling the case of more than three vertices per face. But the vertex normals are not smooth everywhere. Where the legs join the main body the normals are different, so it doesn’t appear smooth. I guess this is because the model has multiple groups of faces. I even computed the normals and I still got the exact same result, so I think I am reading the normals correctly from the file, but I should handle the smoothing groups somehow and I don’t know how.

But the same model when used in rendermonkey for example, it seems to have smooth normals. Are they recomputing the normals? And how should I recompute the normals too? Should I weld vertices that are close to each other so that I can have one single connected mesh?

Thanks a lot.

Hmm… I’m not sure what RenderMonkey does to imported models, but you can calculate your own smooth normals easily enough. I’ll bet a search in the math or advanced forums with turn something up.