Vertex normal calulations for smooth shading

I can calculate normals for the polygons I have in my object, but i need to specify
vertex normals to implement smooth shading. I know that i need to average the polygon normals around the vertex, but is too complicated. Is there an easier way?

Hi Byron!

No offense, but what do you mean by “it is to complicated”?

It’s just a question of structuring your datatypes, than it is a piece of cake.

If your object does not change its shape, you only need to calculate them once and transform them the same way you do with your vertex data.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.



Well, I can’t structure the datatypes how I want to because I am modifying some source code that already exists, and the datatypes used in the code don’t make it very easy to do this (bit messy). ah well…looks like i’ll just have to suffer
thanx anyway