Vertex data-Texture data in .obj file

Just looking at a .obj file produced by Lightwave in a text editor, and was really weirded out by the way the indexed texture data was presented. Instead of a single list of the texture data, each quad’s indexes was immediately preceeded by four sets of texture data for it’s four vertices, and referencing was to these.

Is there some advantage I don’t see to this? It is obvious that it increases file size since all texture coordinates are listed at least four times, (I checked and yes they are) and I can’t imagine that any saving in comp time is realized. Just seems strange to me.

I don’t always use a text editor to look at raw binary data…

… but when I do, I always use Word Pad.


P.S. Sorry, I had to…

Also, have you tried loading the file with a Binary Editor, or perhaps even with C++ fopen or similar loading command?