Vertex Culling

I have been trying to get the Vertex Culling Extensions to work in VC++ 6.0 but I keep getting errors!

Does anybody know a good site to learn how to use extensions or maybe some sample code for Vertex Culling in visual c++

The biggest problem Im`'m having is when I try to call the functions associated with the extension.

What EXACTLY is the problem

As far as I know, there are not that many cards that support this specific extension.
What card are you using and which drivers ?


P.S. : check the value of the pointer to your extension function… If what I believe is correct, it should be NULL…

I have the NVIDIA GeForce.

But I can’t even get the program to compile

The problem is with the way I make the call
to CullParameterfvEXT the compiler phreaks out!!!

Since you have a Geforce I’m guessing that you’re developing in a windows environment since Geforce drivers are about an order magnitude slower on anything else.

So if you’re using windows an excelent place to learn how to use extensions in on nvidia’s sight (hey you even have one of their cards).

This tutorial is at:

Then go to the OpenGL Extensions tutorial.

The GeForce has got no support for GL_EXT_cull_vertex! For a list of supported extensions visit: