Vertex Arrays and multitexturing??

Hi there,

I really don’t know how to specify the texture coordinates for each TextureManagementUnit (0-4)??

Is there any equ to glMultiTexCoord… with the vertex arrays extensions??

Moreover i have seen an extension called glLockArrays… what is exactly the purpose of this extension…?? Will it loads primitives data onboard??

Finnaly, is there any OpenGL 1.2 documentation in html somewhere??

Thanks for any help!

something like. it will tell the card to cache the various arrays, letting it to perform T&L once.

still, is implementation dependant.
personally, i’ve locked 4096 verts on the geforce, but the fps increment was just of 1 for a 34 fps animation.
but i didn’t tested deeply…

about multitexturing… no, i don’t think so.
there were many posts (and complains) about this issue.

correct me if i’m wrong about this ppl!


Okayp, multitexturing with vertex arrays is possible i get the key to:

That’s it