vertex array range invalid

Sorry, it’s me again !

I checked old topics and I didn’t find any post on this subject! I don’t understand why I get this error (invalid vertex array range) when enabling client state.

First, I allocate 156 kbytes in AGP memory, the pointer returned by the wglAllocateMemoryNV function is correct. I created a memory manager (and debugged) who share this big memory block for all array I need. But when I use the function glVertexArrayRangeNV then glEnableClientState, checking the GL_VERTEX_ARRAY_RANGE_VALID_NV variable, the test fails and I’ve got an invalid vertex array range. Why? I try to “copy” the method from the source of BallMark (on nvidia site), using wglMakeCurrent before enabling vertex array range and ReleaseDC after but it still doesn’t work! Any idea? Help is welcome (again ;-))


Maybe the OS could not set up your entire range as an AGP vertex array, and errors out. Perhaps it’s too fragmented in physical memory, or your BIOS didn’t leave enough of an AGP aperture, or your chipset doesn’t support big enough AGP aperture (some only go to 64 MB). Or you just don’t have the latest AGP drivers installed (especially common if you’re running Win2k).