Vertex Array does'nt work in release mode


I’ve got a strange problem, may be dued to a driver problem I don’t know … I wrote a 3DS loader that uses vertex array to draw meshes on screen, it works fine but when I switch to release configuration, the mesh are simply ignored … whereas the function drawElements is called ! (I checked) … I’ve got a ATI 128 (I know this card sux …) and I’ve got the same problem with DisplayList ! But Quake3 runs fine and I know it uses vertex array … did someone have the same problem?


its not a strange problem
check that your arrays are big enuf.
eg in debug build vc will go someit like this

int indices[32] // vc will declare this array say 64 ints big. ie gives u a bit more space.

in release build it doesnt if u ask 4 32 it’ll give u 32. logical ah? why the hell they made it otherwise in debug build beats me