Vertex Array and Multitexturing

Is it possible to perform multitexuring ( one texture on the other ) using vertex arrays ?? I mean when you use VA you enable proper client states, setup pointers and finaly drawing using ie glDrawArrays. But how to enable multitexturing ??

Thx in advance

I think you can send one texture coord pointer per texture unit.

What does it mean ‘texture unit’?? Does it mean that multitexturing can be done only inside glBegin/glEnd specifying glMultiTexCoord2fARB for every vertex ?? Isn’t there any faster method to do it?? glBegin/glEnd with glVertex’es is extremally slow method for displaying thousands of faces isn’t it ??

You need glClientActiveTextureARB to select the coordinate set influenced by glTexCoordPointer and glEnableClientState.

You may want to have a look at these threads:

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Thx A LOT!!! It is exactly what I need :slight_smile: