Version of opengl32.lib

I want to use glDrawRangeElements in my program. I am using winXP and MS Dev. I am linking the opengl.lib from the MS Dev installation, but this version doesn’t know glDrawRangeElements. Where can i get a newer version of the opengl-lib??

You should be linking to opengl32.lib for a start.
I’ve never used drawrangeelements, but I think it’s a 1.2 extension (MS stopped updating win32 opengl at 1.1, I believe) - could be wrong. You need to use wglGetProcAddress to get a pointer to the function.

That is a 1.2 function. glDrawElements was in 1.1

glext.h is needed ( and


Get glext.h, wglext.h and others headers from official OpenGL extension registry at .
All extensions declarations are in this file.

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