Verse - network protocol for graphical applications

First of all, I hope that this forum is right for this post :-). Next, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Ph.D. student and I work at network protocol aimed for real-time sharing of data between graphical applications. It should be successor of Verse protocol. May be, you have heard about it:

I call new version of this protocol: Verse2.0 :slight_smile: and it should be better in many ways. You can see comparison of protocols here:

You can find more details about this protocol at my pages:

New Verse protocol uses client-server architecture. It uses very generic (node-based) tree data structure and I would like to extend Verse to be able to define some extra rules at Verse server to make implementation of Verse much more easier. I call these rules Data Exchange Definition. I would like to create some rule that could be used between different applications and I believe that Collada specification could be good basis for this.

I would like to do proper specification of this protocol (Verse API). May be, Khronos could help somehow. I would like to create RFC for this protocol too, but it’s different story.

Thanks for your interest,