Does anyone know how to perform Oblique projection?

Oblique Projection???
Whazz Oblique Projection???

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Originally posted by Andrea Rossini:
[b]Oblique Projection???
Whazz Oblique Projection???

;-( ;-( ;-([/b]

It’s a projection obtained by multiplying shear matrix and othographic projection. the problem is i don’t know how to implement it. do ya?

If anyone does know how to code for oblique projection I’d love to hear how!

This might help to get oblique projection

an oblique projection is basically, the orthographic projection, sheared.

| | ->

/ / ->

So a good thing to try will be,
set up the viewing matrix for an orthographic projection, and apply shear to that matrix along the z-direction of the camera!!

Tricky part is, calculating how much shear to apply from the angle of oblique projection

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