Is it possible to play movie files as a texture on the opengl surface?

I presently use Multigen and vega to program my application. The Vega is a GUI development platform to develop visual sim solution and based on performer



FYI : Vega is an 3D Real-time Simulation API not a GUI development platform, which uses OpenGL as its scene grpah rendering engine. It has GUI element Lynx that allows you to setup your simulation components such as windows, channels, observers, environments etc.

But to your question

The only current way to do this is to use Textures and replace them to create the illusion of a movie sequence.

You could try reading in directly the movie stream, capturing the frame, changing the frame into a format that Opengl can render, then apply that to a poylogon.

Whether is can be done fast enough and still run the simulation at reasonable Htz is another question