Vectors & Matrices (not really a question)

I’ve just posted a zip of my latest vector and matrix math routines. I’d really appreciate any feedback ya’ll might have about them. You can find the zip here:

I’ve used many sources in the making of these routines though absolutely none of it is cut & paste (meaning I might have looked at some source and copied it step for step, but I didnt just copy & paste it). If you see any of your work within mine, please let me know and I’ll diffinately give you credit!

the link does not work

Yes it does Seriously, I just clicked on it and downloaded my file…

If anyone is having problems with Geocities, try this link (or just try this one, I guess it doesnt matter):

If all else fails, let me know and I’ll email it

Well, I know something is wrong in there… I just tried to use SetRotate() and it freaked I’ll be looking into it… If anyone has any ideas I’m open

Further testing shows that the SetRotate(angle, axis) function doesnt work but the SetRotate(angle,angle,angle) one does…

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