Vector Question

This is the REAL question:

Given p, v, vView, vStrafe, and vUpStrafe are vectors.


p = vViewv.Z + vStrafev.X + vUpStrafe*v.Y;

What is the value of v, if p, vView, vStrafe, and vUpStrafe are known?

vView, vStrafe, and vUpStrafe are orthogonal vectors. p is a world coordinate. v is a vertex in object coordinates.

9 Trillian Thanks.

Solution was as follows:

I wanted point V to be transfered from vVector space into mVector space.

This was the point in world coordinates:

p = vViewv.Z + vStrafev.X + vUpStrafe*v.Y;

and I wanted it to be divided by my destination vector.

m.X = p.XmStrafe.X + p.YmStrafe.Y + p.ZmStrafe.Z;
m.Y = p.X
mUpStrafe.X + p.YmUpStrafe.Y + p.ZmUpStrafe.Z;
m.Z = p.XmView.X + p.YmView.Y + p.Z*mView.Z;

Because the destination model uses the same calculation:
t = mViewm.Z + mStrafem.X + mUpStrafe*m.Y;

The result is that p == t. Which is exactly what I wanted. Thanks ALL!!!