hello sir
thank you for your reply.
i am having the the glaux.lib and i have also set the path.

the error i encountered when running one of the programs in the opengl-programming guide

‘function’ ointers to functions with diferent attributes.this error was encountered for
similarly when i called the auxreshapefunc(FUNC NAME()) the same error was encountered
the other error was
‘auxKeyFunc’:different types for formal and actual parameters.

these are the errors sir.
another thing is the project we are doing is the out of window simulation for flight simulator
package.the 2 major modules we are using are
1.head up display
2.terrain view.

so if you are having any related source code please e-mail the information at
thanking you once again.

First of all… when passing a callback function, you don’t use the () for the function you’re using as a parameter. For your example this would mean using


instead of


If that doesn’t take care of your problem, you’ll have to make sure that the prototype for funcname is exactly what auxKeyFunc is looking for. I’ve never used aux for anything other than loading BMP files so I can’t tell you what that prototype should look like offhand.