VC++ BOOK-need recommendation

I am going to buy a book on VC++ to use OpenGL for pc version.
I have written lots of codes in C for glX but none in C++.
A little experince in win32.

First of all, you are not looking for a VC++ book. Those are on how to use the VC++ compiler and IDE. Generally, they try to teach Win32 or MFC or something, but they’re very terrible at it.

What you want is either Programming Windows from Microsoft Press or Programming Windows with MFC (also from Microsoft Press). Either one will teach you what you need.

Both those books are good Windows API/MFC books but it doesn’t sound like what you are looking for. What you probably need to something to teach you C++ (over C). To this there is two book I would recommend:

(The definitive standard ref)
Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language

(A popular tutorial)
Lippman: C++ Primer

Stay away from any book explicitly stating VC++ on the front page. In fact I recommend that you stay away from any book from the following publishers: SAMS, M&T, Sybex, AP Professional and IDG. They are almost without exception all crap books.

If possible find books from Addison-Wesley, Prentice Hall, Morgan Kaufman, MIT Press or Academic Press.

Microsoft Press and O’Reilly fall somewhere in the middle with some good and some bad books.