VC++6.0SP4: Release = perfect, Debug = black screen

I’ve been working on a program over the past few weeks in debug mode and it has worked fine.
As I got closer to freeze time I went into release mode and continued to work from there. Now, 2 weeks later, I’m done with the freeze and going back into debug mode to add additional features. The problem is that when VC++'s config is set to debug mode, I get a black screen. When VC++'s config is set to Release mode, I get the program rendering perfectly. Any ideas?

The compiler is VC++ 6.0, with SP 4 applied. I’m using glut 3.7.3 as well.
I’ve tested this on an 2 SGI machines running NT 4.0 and an unbranded Intel PIII system running NT 4.0 and get consistently bad results across all 3 systems.

Thank you for your time.

Most random errors is because of pointers and dynamic memory.

Make sure that the OpenGL Libs are set to link under all configurations, not just under Debug or Release!

If they weren’t included, the program wouldn’t even run.

Try and do a “Rebuild all.” Might be something weird hanging around that isn’t getting rebuilt becuase the compiler thinks it’s up-to-date.

Dear StrangeProblem,

Are you using the Cornflake Zone tutorial to create your framework? If so, you may want to comment out the reference to:
within the InitGL() function. Why is that, you ask? Well, it seems that SetProjection would be great, if m_width and m_height actually had a value when they were passed to the glViewport() function. Unfortunately, they are not, as that they do not recieve a value until OnSize() is called.

But, if you aren’t using the above mentioned tutorial, disregard this altogether.


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