VBOs and rendering solid meshes

my questions is very simple.

im using VBO for a mesh i loaded, but when this mesh gets represented on the VBO, i loose all information of the polygons that make their faces, i just have a bunch of vertexes and i cant get to render it properly like a mesh with solid surface.

what is the best approach to this?

The best approach is after you have loaded the data from the file you “render” it out to a vbo using something that works similar to immediate mode.

This is probably the easiest way to convert from one known format you know works to another that you know works.

It looks like you need an indexed VBO.


Basically, you can define indices for your vertices in the VBO to define each face.


i not sure if i understood what you mean, like a pseudo display list type of rendering but using the VBO, mmm tell me more about this.

wow, thanks i think that was the missing part i was searching. im gonna test and try with that. :slight_smile: