VBO problem

i am trying to convert my program to use VBO objects and i am having a slight problem (it’s rendering a heightmap, no texture maps, detail maps or anything like that,just a simple heightmap in wireframe mode)

i am using glDrawElements() to render everything.

Without the VBO enabled my app uses between 40-45mb ram according windows task manager and runs around the 500fps mark.

with VBO enabled when the app starts the mem usage sky rockets to around 300mb than drops right off to 10-40mb and the FPS also dies right off until it is 1-2 fps. I can see the rendered terrain perfectly but it just dies off with a huge memory spike.

I know it almost impossible to tell without seeing the code but any ideas where to start to look??

thanks guys

dah, never mind guys i figured it out, i had a shocker

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