VBO Performance

I’m running under linux (nvidia driver 4496) with an Nvidia Quadro 2 Pro. Performance goes down when I use VBO. I got 48fps using vertex arrays, and 5 fps if I use VBO.

Could someone supply a simple example in order to test the performance across different platforms?


Have you read this paper? http://developer.nvidia.com/object/using_VBOs.html

Unless you’re really misusing VBOs, performance should never go down. Are your VBOs static or dynamic? Are you setting the right usage when you call glBufferData? Are you calling glMapBuffer a lot (i.e., multiple time per frame)?

I also tried to use VBO in Linux with the 4496 driver, but it was same speed as common vertexarrays. displaylists were 2 or 3 times the speed.

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