VBO: many small / few big?

I have old videocard so I can’t test myself this, but I’d like to know for future in my engine design…
Does it cause performance loss if I use many small VBOs (for example one for each gui component) or is it necessary to alocate bigger buffers and share it…?

There shouldn’t be any performance loss, VOB spec was designed to operate fast with many VBO’s being used.

The only concern is memory overhead, say if your VBOs get rounded up into 32byte blocks, having huge amounts of small buffers, will result in a fair amount of wasted memory. Whereas a few large buffers wont have this problem.

I’m not saying VBO’s do get rounded up, but this is one possibility that is implementation dependant, also there may be information table’s stored per buffer, which may consume substantial memory, if you use loads…

I’d basically say dont worry about it, unless you’re getting performance problems.

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Thanks, that’s what I wanted to hear
It would have been pain otherwise. And no worry that there won’t bee too many of them I think.

Thank you.