vbo and memory allocation


Currently when running my game in a Radeon 9800, everything works fine, however when i run it in a GF3, most of my VBO data is ignored, and nothing is rendered when it should.
I’m pretty sure that the problem is that the gf3 doens’t have memory for all the data i’m allocating, so, is there a way to know if the card has the capability to handle the data i’m feeding to it, so i can go with vertex arrays, when vbo is not an option ?


How big are the arrays you are attempting to render (in a single call - how many indices)? Is GL reporting any errors to you?

VBO’s work fine on nvidia cards
you’re probably doing something which is accepted/ignored by the ATI drivers, but the nvidia drivers don’t like.

Also, make sure you have the latest drivers for that Geforce3