hey folks … what will be beter with opengl …java or vb

also give some good refrrences


Hi !

None of them are very good for 3D, they both work ok, but you can’t get very good performance, but if you have to pick one of them, pick the one you like best yourself.

Java is more platform independant, gl4java for example works on many platforms, but if you only work on Win32 then it does not matter.

You could have a look at Java3D though, but notice that this is not OpenGL, it’s a higher level API on top of either OpenGL or Direct3D.


I use opengl with VB. VB is sooooo easy I can’t imagine anything easier.

mikael_aronsson is right. Neither are really that good for openGL work. BUT i’d go with Java. You can put your work on the web with SO much less work. I don’t know VB, but I know that if you want it on the web, you need to make an activeX control. And hey…java is just so much nicer about the web than an activeX control

thx mate
can u please give me a good refrence regarding… vb with opengl
my major problem is a user interface

need ur help mate
give me some good refrences/books

I was doing VB it is really easy. But slowly for 3D graphic, because there is some library that is betwen VB and Direkt and i gues that its the same with opengl

search for NEHE he has VB examples. As far as Java being easier for the web, I think .NET will fix that. However, getting opengl to work in .NET is a pain in the butt. I just got Direct X 9 and it looks pretty easy. That could even be an option for you.