vb + opengl component

iv created a class in VB that uses opengl. as far as my knowledge goes iv done everythin right. iv set up the pixel format, iv set uup the device context and the rendering context. i even checked the returned values of the contexts. this class just draws a line and a polygon. the problem is the figures just do not appear on the screen. whenever i change the glClearColor values, the whole background changes but ther r no drawings. if neone wants to c the code let me know, i can mail it. if neone knowz or has encountered the same prob. plz let me know. thank u.

What kind of buffering do you use ? And do you switch buffers ?


im using double buffers and i m swapping them.

i figured it out myself. if neone faces the same prob., make sure u use the object.scale(x1,y1)-(x2,y2) function to set up the co-ordinates of the pic box (or whatever u may use) and also set the scale mode to pixels. if neone has ne other suggestions, plz feel free.
thank u