vb and opengl help!!

im workin on vb 6 and opengl, n no matter what i do i just cant use the opengl functions in vb. i tried referencin the opengl type library, i tried declaring the functions as
Private Declare Sub glPushMatrix Lib “OPENGL32.DLL” ()
but nothin works. in case of vb.net though, the second approach definetly works. plz let me know if therz ne other way to do it, or if im goin wrong somewher.

Its rather easy to do, just give a visit to this site and it tells you exactly how do do it, and the library file you need to do it.

Hope i could help.

P.S. You will need the file “vbogl.tlb” to use OpenGL in VB.

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I got bored one day and decided to try to get OpenGL to work in VB for no particular reason. I did get it to work (just a simple rotating array of cubes, nothing fancy) but I did notice a weird thing with it.

Maybe you have the same issue. Maybe I’m just a freak as usual.