Varying not working with NV_Command_List Extension


I have a simple vertex shader:

#version 450

#extension GL_NV_command_list : enable

struct SceneData
 mat4 modelMatrix;
 mat4 viewMatrix;
 mat4 projectionMatrix;

layout(commandBindableNV) uniform;

in layout( location = 0 ) vec3 position;
in layout( location = 1 ) vec3 normal;

layout( std140, binding = 0 ) uniform sceneDataBuffer {
    SceneData   sceneData;

out vec3 vertexNormal;

void main()
    gl_Position         =   sceneData.projectionMatrix *
                            sceneData.viewMatrix *
                            sceneData.modelMatrix *
                            vec4( position, 1.0 );

    vertexNormal        = normal;

And a fragment shader:

#version 450

out layout( location = 0, index = 0 ) vec4 color;

in vec3 vertexNormal;

void main()
    color   = vec4( vertexNormal, 1.0 );

No matter what I tried, couldn’t get varying passing vertexNormal from vertex to shader stage. I verified normal attribute by checking its values (by adding to position, etc) they look correct. Its also failing if I change assignment of vertexNormal in vertex shader to:

vertexNormal = vec3(0.0, 1.0, 0.0);

My geometry always get’s rendered in black (verified by setting framebuffer background to white)

Was wondering if there is anything that can effect behaviour of varyings. Could this be a driver bug? Isn’t it should be all handled implicitly? Is there any state variable can effect varyings?

FYI, my shaders are compiling fine and progam linking fine as well. I tested similar shader on the same hardware but without NV_Command_List extension and had no problem in passing values between shader stages.

Any suggestion would be extremely appriciated.
Thanks in advance.