Running Win7 Pro on Laptop, running Win7 Ultimate on desktop, identical MFC workspace runs fine on laptop but when transferring to desktop, linker gets unresolved external symbol, _main, not sure how to resolve this one.

Didn’t we talk about you making new threads for the same problem before? Also, asking the question multiple times doesn’t suddenly make a non-OpenGL question into an OpenGL question. It’s still a “building C++ applications” question.

Alfonse: My question has little to do with building C++ applications, I know that I am not proficient in C++ and MFC, I program extensively in Fortran and scientific applications and only want to use the OpenGL system with C++ to display the results of my Fortran, mathematical calculations, this has worked fine in the past on my laptop computer. I am only confused about why the same workspace utilized in the same Visual Studio application would produce two different results on two different computers, one giving an error of a missing variable “main” on the desktop computer and one that runs perfectly on the laptop computer. Any ideas on a solution to this problem would be much appreciated.

Alfonse: Figured it out, I started a new project in MFC, created it as a windows32 application, opened my “OpenGL” C++ file, created a new workspace, compiled and linked, all worked great. the compile setting were created as a “Windows” application not a “console” application, this was the problem all along. Apparently a windows application was created originally on the laptop and the default on the desktop was a console app. Thanks for the help

Sidney, this is what GClements already told you, isn`t it?

Alfonse Reinheart, the third link in your forum signature leads nowhere. To be precise, it expired two months ago.
This is the last working snapshot from the WaybackMachine. Seems to be complete.
I sent you a similar PM some time ago, but apparently it wasn`t delivered.