Variable controlled for loops

I’m using an nVidia 6800 ultra.
driver version

I’ve got a fragment shader with a for loop in it.
The iterations are currently controlled via a constant


If i do things that way, it compiles and it’s happy, however I want to use a uniform variable to control the loop iterations.

uniform int numLights;

Well, that’s a no-go. It refuses to compile and the log comes back with:
(246) : error C5013: profile does not support “for” statements

this is a real pain in the ass.
anyone know what’s up?

The current GLSL implementation in public NVIDIA drivers does not expose any GeForce 6800 features such as looping in the fragment shader. A future release will add support for these features.

Where did you get a 6800 Ultra from?

Regardless of the answer to this question, it is likely that nVidia has not implemented 6800 Ultra tech into it’s glslang implementation yet.

Someone at my company handed it to me.

Thanks for the info. I figured as much…guess I have to wait it out.

…waiting sorta sucks.

Try to find FW 61.34. It has SM3.0 support, but Im not sure about GLSL.


ps… don’t use FW 61.40… It’s a fake drivers.

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