VAR: my GeForce is PCI ???

Hi! I wanted to implement VAR, but discovered that my GeForce356 DDR is actually not a AGP but a PCI card…so my Program and other apps tell me. But I´ve installed latest drivers for that one…How can this be?? Please help, it´s quite annoying.

Is it physically an AGP capable card in an AGP slot in yur motherboard?

If so enable AGP in the BIOS and see if that helps.

You may have to download a utility to force the issue, try NVMax.

Well, of course it´s in a AGP-Slot…so i´ll try your links, thanks for that

Sounds like you are using windows 95 without USB patch. It sound weird but that USB patch also includes AGP support.

No, I´m using Windows2000 Pro…:slight_smile:

You need a driver for the chipset on your mainboard. I had the same problem. After installing the AGP-Drivers everything worked fine.


if its a via chipset on the motherboard u need the 4-1 drivers installed (other chipsets prolly have something similar)