VAR and normal pointer not compatable?

I just discovered that I can’t use a VAR allocated arrays with a normal allocated arrays.

This is what I did. I used glNormalPointer and glVertexPointer with VAR, and glTexCoordPointer with a normaly allocated array. All I got when I used glDrawElements was a really screwed up bunch of triangles scattered in the original shape of the model.

Is this suppose to happen?

That’s correct, you cannot mix memory like that.

It is actually mentionned in the specs.


I don’t know the answer. But just a question: Why are you allocating the texcoords array outside the AGP memory??
If your app have to access both memories… it will slow down the process. Have it any sense?


It’s only a temporary bit of code. I’m slowly converting my code to support multitexturing and multi UV layers, since my code isn’t set up in a streamlined way yet I just went ahead and used my normal system allocated texture array for now to debug the multi layered UVs.

I know now that when I use VAR, all the UV layers for a particular object will need to be allocated using VAR.

Thanks for clearing up my question BTW! I thought it was a bit odd that it was thrashing like it was…it freaked me out in fact because I didn’t know when the problem occured…and tracking down the problem took a while .