VAR: Amount of video memory allocable ?

When i try to allocate memory with VAR on a GF2 GTS 64 Mb, i can allocate up to 21 Mb of video memory and 10 Mb of AGP memory. I’m just wondering why it’s not possible to allocate more ? Even with only one application running, not using textures, no multisampling, AGP aperture size set to 128 or 256 Mb, etc…

Is it a standard behavior or is my system badly configured ?


My experience (both on a GF3 64MB+Athlon and GF2 32MB+Celeron) is:
I can always allocate 32MB with wglAllocateMemoryNV (with priority 0.5 (edited) and 1 regardless). Even with priority 1, however, the memory may come from AGP - I can test this because memory transfer rates of AGP and Vidmem differ significantly.

So the actual amount of video memory I can allocate is a maximum of 16MB, but (depending on the number of textures loaded ?), this may be less (e.g., 12MB).


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[This message has been edited by wimmer (edited 03-14-2002).]