Validation Layers reporting changes between and Lunarg Runtimes


I have noticed a difference in the reporting of validation warnings / error between 1.2.131 and 1.2.141 Runtimes.

1.2.131 Runtime
Submitting a signaled fence via vkQueueSubmit generates “Dispatch Handle submitted in signaled state”

1.2.141 Runtime
Submitting a signaled fence via vkQueueSubmit does not generate any error message.

This is also true of some of the other reportings where the program running on 1.2.141 version throws an access violation error, when the program running on 1.2.131 show validation layer warnings.

This is happening on NVidia and AMD hardware.

I am guessing its the runtime because i installed the 1.2.141 SDK which installed the runtime as well and building the program with 1.2.131 SDK and 1.2.141 SDK yielded similar results (no validation layer errors).

Are there changes in the reporting? or are there different flag bits to be enabled in the debug messenger setup to get similar warning reported.

Best regards.
Nihal Kenkre.

The check seems to still be there. I tried to create presignaled Fence and then submit using it, and I get (with

VALIDATION+ERROR: [Fence(0x67C11F000000001A)]: UNASSIGNED-CoreValidation-MemTrack-FenceState(1497273503), “Validation Error: [ UNASSIGNED-CoreValidation-MemTrack-FenceState ] Object 0: handle = 0x67c11f000000001a, type = VK_OBJECT_TYPE_FENCE; | MessageID = 0x593e949f | VkFence 0x67c11f000000001a[] submitted in SIGNALED state. Fences must be reset before being submitted”

As for warnings, those are being largely moved to the Best Practices layer, which is off by default and needs to be enabled.


Thank you for the response. It helped.

Best regards.
Nihal Kenkre.

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