v3f/t2f/t2f/c4ub and lighting: how ?

How can I do lighting when using the only CVA-accelerated vertex format v3f/t2f/t2f/c4ub ? Normals aren’t enabled !!?!

In a vertex program, does using this format means I’ll only have access to v[OPOS], v[COL0], v[TEX0] and v[TEX1] ?


I would assume that you ignore the entire openlgl lighting subsystem, and manually calculate the the color of each vertex based upon proximity to various lighting sources, all the equations are in the red book, so you may want to check that

Are you sure thats the only CVA accelerated format? Wheres you source for that info?

You can still access the other v[??] registers in the VP, they will contain the last data that was sent to those registers.


That format is accelerated because it’s the format Quake 3 uses. That document is somewhat old (as it also says that only certain formats are accelerated with VAR, which is not true), so the matter with CVA’s may be better now.